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never tasted so good

What's in our froyo?

rBST Free. Certified Gluten Free. Live & Active Cultures

We take pride in the yogurt that we serve to our customers. We use the premium yogurt mix and finest ingredients to give you the best quality yogurt for your enjoyment.

Our yogurt products are made with milk from cows that are NOT treated with rBST. However, no significant difference has been shown between milk drive from rBST-treated and non-rBST-treated cows Our varieties are certified gluten free (except Cookie'nCream and Creamy Mint Cookie).  All our yogurt meet the National Yogurt Association criteria for Live and Active Culture frozen yogurt.

Click here for more info on yogurt's health benefits

Our current price of frozen yogurt is 54c per oz

House's special & premiums

Specially mixed by us for your enjoyment

We carry everyone's favorite classic flavors that you can indulge year round. Our specialty flavors are made freshly in-house in small batches to ensure the top quality.  In-house flavors are prepared with premium non-fat yogurt, combined with fresh fruits and flavors

Rotating flavors


Low Fat

Non Fat

No sugar added

Sorbet (non dairy & low fat)

Our topping bar

Finishing touch to the masterpiece

At Yog-art we carry a variety of premium dry toppings, popping bobas, jellies, and fresh-cut fruits. You can create your own froyo masterpiece with any toppings of your desire and topped off with our delicious selection of sauces.

Not seeing something you like or have a favorite flavor?

Contact us and let us know.  We will do our best to add the flavor/toppings in the future.

Need an instant flavor/topping update?

Call us (619) 220 4999 - North Park or (619) 450 5847 - Grantville

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